From FOIA to Front Page: Unpacking an investigation into airstrike civilian casualties

    Thursday 9 February 2017
    Room PSH314, Professor Stuart Hall building, Goldsmiths, University of London

    Room PSH314, Professor Stuart Hall building, Goldsmiths, University of London 
    Thu 9 February at 6:30pm

    In August 2015, US reporter Joseph Trevithick of War is Boring obtained an unexpected document as part of bundle of CENTCOM Freedom of Information releases, which related to the US-led Coalition's air war against so-called Islamic State. The previously secret file identified 45 incidents in Iraq and Syria which CENTCOM had assessed and investigated for possible civilian casualties - an unusual 'live' document to emerge during a conflict. 

    Joseph shared the document with Airwars - the Goldsmiths-based project which tracks international airstrikes and civilian casualties. Here researchers identified a number of previously unknown events which allegedly involved key US allies Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and France. Airwars then helped put together an ad hoc international media alliance to help examine these cases from a national perspective. This included ABC Australia, Canada's CBC, RTL Netherlands, Le Monde in France, and the Guardian in the UK. 
    Timothy Sawa of CBC - who was already on a major investigation into Canada's war in Iraq - then worked with his own CBC team to unpack two incidents contained in the FOIA document.  Filming on the front lines in Iraq, the CBC team also interviewed the commanding general of Canadian forces about possible civilian casualties.
    Come and hear Joseph Trevithick of War is Boring (via Skype); Chris Woods of Airwars; and Timothy Sawa of CBC (via Skype) unpacking this major investigation for CIJ's investigative talks series. 

    The event is free and open to all.

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