Logan Symposium on Secrecy, Surveillance, and Censorship

    Friday 5 December 2014 - Sunday 7 December 2014
    The Barbican Centre, London


    The Logan Symposium gathers a unique and powerful coalition of individuals with a single goal — the defence of freedom and democracy.

    The WikiLeaks and Snowden revelations made clear that we are all vulnerable, both as individuals and as nations. For journalists, the disclosures also impacted much of what we do and, importantly, how we do it. Remarkably, we also discovered allies we didn’t know we had.

    That fortuitous discovery inspired The Logan Symposium.  We invited leading journalists, hacktivists, legal and security experts and artists to London. This eclectic band come together for the first time from Britain, the United States, Europe and Asia to inform the debate on freedom of the press and internet, privacy, and government accountability.

    Outstanding speakers, never before in an open forum like this one, will discuss the latest technologies, legal issues, and corporate practices which affect personal and press freedom.  The future of file-sharing, spying, whistle-blowing, surveillance, forensics, and more will be covered. What our presenters share will surprise you.

    Behind the headlines, social movements and hacktivists have been collaborating since the 1970’s.  From the ANC and the Zapatistas, to the Obama campaign, networks have been alive and changing how people come together politically, culturally and financially. The mainstream media has trailed behind while hacktivists have created new platforms and methodologies for research and publishing.

    What do independence, objectivity and autonomy actually mean?
    How has mass surveillance, secrecy and censorship affected journalism?
    How can journalists and hacktivists deal with this changing landscape?

    The Logan Symposium is for reporters, activists, researchers, editors, hacktivists, technologists, security professionals, whistleblowers, students and concerned citizens.  If you work in human rights, civil liberties, the free press, information security, data management, alternative or mainstream media this is an event not to be missed. If you care about the future of individual freedom and democracy — join us.

    For more details see www.logancij.com