In a League of its Own: is Sport Above Human Rights?

    Tuesday 19 June 2012
    Free Word Centre, EC1R 3GA

    A discussion followed by a screening of England vs Ukraine. To celebrate the launch of the latest issue of Index on Censorship, 'Sport on Trial', footballer Clarke Carlisle, award-winning sports journalist Mihir Bose and Olympics historian Martin Polley will discuss sport and ethics with editor Jo Glanville. Topics for discussion include: can sport be a force for good? Who owns the Olympics brand? Do boycotts work?

    Refreshments and pub snacks will be available during the screening courtesy of SAGE Publications.

    This is not a CIJ event.
    Time: 6pm for a 6.30pm start
    Venue: Free Word Centre, EC1R 3GA
    Tickets: free, register Index on Censorship website.