Birmingham Six with Chris Mullin MP and Ray Fitzwalter

    Wednesday 24 January 2007
    Frontline Club

    Frontline Confidential in association with the CIJ.

    One of Britain’s foremost investigative journalists tells how six innocent men – the Birmingham Six – were released after spending 17 years in jail following an investigative series by World in Action.

    Ray Fitzwalter will talk about the World in Action series, which led to the campaign to release the Birmingham Six, men who were wrongly convicted of bombing two Birmingham pubs in 1974 with the death of 21 people.

    Fitzwalter will explain how the investigation got underway, outline the setbacks they faced and tell how the programme was finally broadcast after six years. Five programmes were shown despite significant obstruction by the government. He will also show 20 minutes from one of the programmes in the series ‘Who Bombed Birmingham?’

    Ray Fitzwalter worked on the World in Action series at Granada Television for 23 years, including 11 years as an editor and five years as executive producer. He is the winner of two BAFTA awards and is a Fellow of the Royal Television Society. He has also been the chairman of the Campaign for Quality Television for 10 years. Ray Fitzwalter currently works as a Professor of Broadcasting at the International Media School at Salford University.