The EU Whistleblower

    Monday 24 October 2005
    Frontline Club

    Frontline Club Public Forum.

    With Hans-Martin Tillack of Stern and Stephen Grey of The Sunday Times discussing the arrest of a leading investigative journalist pursuing corruption in Belgium

    “We have witnessed a gigantic fishing expedition in which Belgian police have been used by the European anti-corruption authority OLAF to try to intimidate a reporter. The campaign against [Tillack] has been unjust, the way it was carried out was cowardly and spiteful, and the threat it poses to every journalist is self-evident.” – Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary

    In March 2004, Hans-Martin Tillack, then the EU correspondent for Stern in Brussels, was arrested by Belgian police on charges of allegedly bribing an EU official. The arrest followed the publication of his reports on corruption and democratic deficits within the Union – reports for which Tillack was eventually awarded the 2005 Leipzig Media Prize – and the seizure of materials in a series of raids on his home and office.

    One of Germany’s foremost investigative journalists, Hans-Martin Tillack was the EU correspondent for Stern from 1999 through 2004. He is currently based in the Stern Berlin office, covering national politics.

    The EU correspondent for The Sunday Times from 1998 through 2001, Stephen Grey currently works as a freelance investigative reporter, filing for the The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Atlantic Monthly, New York Times and New Statesman, amongst others. He was short-listed for two 2005 Amnesty International Media Awards for his investigation into CIA renditions.