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Summer Conference Events

28 June 2023

Deny, Evade, Threaten: Dan Neidle on His Nadhim Zahawi Investigation

During his months-long investigation into the former Tory Chairman Nadhim Zahawi's tax affairs, which resulted in Zahawi's sacking, Dan Neidle was sent many threatening legal letters. They claimed repeatedly that Zahawi's taxes were in order and he was not under HMRC investigation - claims that we now know to be false.

30 June 2022

Lifting the Veil on Financial Secrecy and Tax Havens

This session delves into the Tax Justice Network's work and tools that set out to tackle financial secrecy, tax abuse and illicit financial flows. It focuses on how to use the Financial Secrecy Index, with the most recent edition released in May 2022.

29 June 2022

Following the Covid Money

Private Eye investigative reporter Solomon Hughes recently exposed a loophole that allowed subcontracted "mini-umbrella companies" to avoid paying national insurance for staff of Covid-19 testing centres.