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The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Summer Conference Events

5 July 2021

Gavin MacFadyen Memorial Lecture: Wa Lone

In 2017, Wa Lone, a journalist in Myanmar for Reuters, was arrested with his colleague Kyaw Soe Oo while reporting on military abuses of the Rohingya people in Rakhine State. Their ordeal included eighteen months in prison; for their investigation, they were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 2019.

14 June 2021

Private Security Targeting: Igor Ostrovskiy in conversation with John Scott-Railton

(90 mins) 18:00 BST / 13:00 EST As chronicled by Ronan Farrow in Catch and Kill, private investigator Igor Ostrovskiy found himself working freelance for Black Cube, a shady Israeli intelligence company investigating Harvey Weinstein's accusers.

10 May 2021

Introduction to the Source Protection Programme

(90 mins) 18:00 BST / 13:00 EST This introductory session will feature a welcome from CIJ Director James Harkin and Freedom of the Press Executive Director Trevor Timm, as well as a special discussion between Jessica Bruder and Laura Poitras moderated by James Marcus.

19 November 2020

I’ve Been Hacked!

From the NSO Group to Wirecard via the activities of groups like Black Cube, Hacking Team and FinFisher, the last few years have seen a worrying trend - especially in collaborative, cross-border investigation - for governments and shady corporates to deploy spyware and private investigators to hack the phones of journalists and political dissidents.

19 November 2020

Follow the Data: Corruption, Leaks & People vs. Power

Moderated by Tatiana Bazzichelli, this talk on how open-source intelligence tools and collective strategies reconfigure investigations brings together investigative television journalist Natalie Sedletska, software artisan and ethical hacker Denis “Jaromil” Roio, and data team lead at OCCRP Friedrich Lindenberg.

16 November 2020

Opening Session

This is the opening session of this year's event and includes: Opening remarks from Richard Logan, President of The Reva & David Logan Foundation. A Keynote from Hatice Cengiz. The Opening Plenary session with James Harkin, Edwy Plenel, Jen Robinson and Christophe Deloire.

18 November 2020

Digging Italy: Doing Investigative Reporting in Italy

Doing investigative reporting in Italy can be dangerous and complex. Overall, Italian journalism lacks a strong investigative culture comparable to the one of the Anglo-Saxon world and, with some exceptions in broadcasting and other actors, Italian media tend to dedicate little attention to investigative reporting.

18 November 2020

Investigating Islamism

How far should a journalist go when it comes to investigating radical Islamism, and what are the dangers? What methods work best - undercover reporting online, the interpretation of documents, social media analysis, documentary or on-the-ground reporting?

17 November 2020

Blaming the Messenger

With the rise of the Gilets Jaunes and Black Lives Matter movements and the furores over police brutality everywhere from France to the US to Belarus, how best do we defend and protect freelance journalists from attack by police, government and the state?

16 November 2020

The New Intermediaries

Autumn 2020: The trials of Rui Pinto in Lisbon and Julian Assange in London, at almost exactly the same time and on similar charges, have made even more pressing the question of how to defend the new intermediaries working in and around investigative journalism to challenge power.