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Summer Conference Events

4 July 2024

Lifting the Lid of the Single Justice Procedure [R]

Tristan Kirk has spent the last six years digging into the Single Justice Procedure, a secretive court process where hundreds of thousands of people are convicted each year in private hearings. The process was invented to cut costs and fast-track justice, but with few safeguards on the quality of the justice administered or the transparency of decision-making.

3 July 2024

How Not to Get Too Burned Investigating Gangsters & Bent Cops [CHR]

Police corruption, unsolved murders, organised crime and miscarriages of justice are all the rage across media platforms. But it is a hostile environment full of thugs, liars, fantasists, hidden agendas and libel.

7 July 2021

Aleph: the Tool that Turns Data into Leads

This free session is designed to give you an introduction to Aleph, the tool that turns data into leads.

17 November 2020

The Trial of Golden Dawn

Dubbed by the media as "the biggest trial of fascists since Nuremberg", the trial of the Greek neo-nazis concluded in late October with the conviction of the organisation’s leadership in long prison sentences.

6 July 2019

Fiona Hamilton: A Life in Crime

How has crime reporting changed, and what are the new challenges of the beat? In a rare and wide-ranging conversation Fiona Hamilton, Crime and Security Editor of The Times, talks to Duncan Campbell, veteran crime reporter at the Guardian, and author of the new book Underworld: The Inside Story of Britain’s Professional and Organised Crime.

4 July 2019

An Introduction to Statistics through Benford’s Law for Fraud Detection

If you’re wondering if there’s something a bit fishy about a dataset, but you don’t know where to start looking, you might get some relief from a weird quirk of numbers called Benford’s Law that’s ready to help in your search.

4 July 2019

The Cornerman: A True Crime Investigation

This session reveals the rise and fall of one of Britain’s most elusive organised crime bosses whose whispered name terrified communities from London’s glitzy West End to the leafy West Country. Firmly on the police’s radar ever since his name was linked to two notorious and still unsolved gangland murders twenty years ago in London, the Cornerman used his connection with one of the capital’s most successful crime families to build a network extending along the M4 corridor to Bristol.