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Summer Conference Events

29 June 2023

Ukraine: Investigations in the Shadow of Invasion

The Russian invasion of Ukraine changed many of the topics covered by Ukrainian investigative journalists, though the key investigative techniques have often remained the same. Elena Loginova speaks about an investigation by the OCCRP, The Banality of Brutality.

29 June 2023

Making It Count: Using Data to Tell Stories from the Climate Crisis

We are already seeing the impacts of the climate crisis, and many are so wide-ranging and devastating that they are difficult to comprehend. Many journalists are taking the skills and techniques of data journalism and applying these to the disastrous ramifications of climate change.

17 November 2020

Building Databases for Transparency

From troves of leaked documents to huge datasets and scraped collations of public records, what are the priorities of those that need these resources to dig deeper and use the information to hold the powerful to account, and to what extent do those needs fit with the possibilities and opportunities available to the experts working […]

17 November 2020

The Trial of Golden Dawn

Dubbed by the media as "the biggest trial of fascists since Nuremberg", the trial of the Greek neo-nazis concluded in late October with the conviction of the organisation’s leadership in long prison sentences.

18 November 2020

Digging Italy: Doing Investigative Reporting in Italy

Doing investigative reporting in Italy can be dangerous and complex. Overall, Italian journalism lacks a strong investigative culture comparable to the one of the Anglo-Saxon world and, with some exceptions in broadcasting and other actors, Italian media tend to dedicate little attention to investigative reporting.

19 November 2020

The Limits of FOIA

Presentation: Nicholson Baker vs the CIA Nearly a decade ago, while investigating the possibility that the United States had used biological weapons in the Korean War, one of America’s most inventive and challenging novelists Nicholson Baker requested a series of Air Force documents under the provisions of the U.S.

18 November 2020

Investigating Islamism

How far should a journalist go when it comes to investigating radical Islamism, and what are the dangers? What methods work best - undercover reporting online, the interpretation of documents, social media analysis, documentary or on-the-ground reporting?

5 July 2019

The Panama Papers: Screening + Q&A with Bastian Obermayer and Simon Bowers

The biggest global corruption scandal in history, and the hundreds of journalists who risked their lives to break the story. This documentary from Alex Winter charts the story of this huge cross-border collaboration, from first contact with the source to the coordinated international publication.

4 July 2019

Developing Cross-Border Ideas

Cross-border stories – wow… but how do you get started? In this workshop we discuss the quality of cross-border journalism ideas: how to systematically develop a cross-border story, how to deal with cross-border aspects of a local story, and how to find potential team members to further develop the story idea with.

5 July 2019

Cross-Border Journalism Case Studies

Cross-border collaborative journalism has proven to be a powerful method: Panama Papers, Football Leaks or Implant Files have set the political agenda and lead to significant societal change. Our panel have worked extensively on cross-border stories and will share their experiences with you using examples of stories they’ve recently worked on.