The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Summer Conference Events

4 July 2019

Data Journalism – Google Sheets

Googlesheets 1 Data journalism introduction: an overview of the seven building blocks behind data stories. The basics: using Googlesheets to carry out basic calculations and percentage increases. Googlesheets 2 Finding your top line: sorting and filtering in Googlesheets/Excel.

5 July 2019

Web Scraping for Journalists

In these hands-on sessions you will be introduced to some of the basic techniques to get started on scraping data for investigations: investigation ideas: how to spot opportunities to use scraping and automation in investigations scraping basics: finding structure in HTML and URLs; what’s possible with programming simple scraping jobs: how to write a basic scraper in five minutes data journalism tools: the challenges of scraping hundreds of webpages, dozens of documents, or the invisible contents of databases.