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Summer Conference Events

3 July 2024

GeoJournalism: Detecting Oil and Gas Concessions in Protected Areas. Hands-on. [B]

Overlaps between natural resource exploitation and exploration licenses and protected area can be a great starter for diving into an environmental investigation! But just why and how could you apply this process in a systemic manner when it comes to global extractive giants?

30 June 2022

Using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

This two-part practical course will guide you through the basics of freedom of information legislation and equip you with the skills necessary to make successful information requests and appeals.

29 June 2022

Data Journalism: Investigating Data with R. Hands-On. I

So you’ve got the fundamentals of data journalism down. You’re interrogating spreadsheets like a pro and able to use pivot tables like the data Swiss-army-knives they are. But sooner or later you know you’ll come up against a dataset so big it’s going to crash Excel if you even try to open it.

5 July 2021

Financial Journalism: How to Get the Most of Companies House

Any UK-based investigative journalist or aspiring journalist should have a working knowledge of Companies House, the central registry for all UK registered limited or PLC companies. This is a free workshop.

8 July 2021

A Beginner’s Guide to Using the OpenCorporates API to Power Your Investigation

Need to search for companies and their directors at scale to support your investigations? Simply use the OpenCorporates API. Attend this free beginners' tutorial designed to equip you with the basics you need to access company data across 140 jurisdictions as structured data.

5 July 2021 Deforestation and Supply-Chain Investigations

At this free workshop, you’ll learn about the importance of covering forest-risk commodity trading, the impacts of the production of key commodities

7 July 2021

Investigating Covid Contracts

The COVID-19 response has put a spotlight on health sector spending, be it protective equipment for front-line staff, vaccines, or medicines. Globally, US $13 trillion is spent on contracts with private companies each year and spending on health is one of the largest areas – and also one of the most opaque.

7 July 2021

Aleph: the Tool that Turns Data into Leads

This free session is designed to give you an introduction to Aleph, the tool that turns data into leads.

8 July 2021

Financial OSINT. Deep Diving.

Open-Source Intelligence (frequently referred to as OSINT) has become crucial to many investigators’ ability to cross-examine allegations and reports of serious financial crimes. This practical course will take you through real-life cases to teach you the core techniques to conduct deep-dive investigations to uncover opaque global company structures used to facilitate money laundering, corruption, bribery, […]

6 July 2021

Understanding Company Accounts

A two-part session aimed at those who want to understand how to dig into financial statements and identify relevant information for investigations.