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Summer Conference Events

3 July 2024

Youmna El Sayed: Investigating Gaza [R]

What are the difficulties of reporting and investigating from contemporary Gaza, amid the current Israeli onslaught and the growing numbers of journalist deaths? Are there any restrictions on independent reporting from the Hamas authorities?

4 July 2024

Breaking Horizon: The Post Office Scandal [R]

Over nearly two decades, the UK Post Office prosecuted hundreds of innocent subpostmasters for shortfalls in their accounts caused, in fact, by errors of an IT system called Horizon - one of the biggest and most egregious miscarriages of justice in recent British history.

21 October 2023

Keynote: James Cruickshank

James Cruickshank, founder and editor-in-chief of The Digger, will talk about his life and work as a muckraker for Scotland’s best, and most notorious, investigative crime magazine. Cruickshank, whose work has seen him shunned by the authorities (he was once banned from Glasgow Sheriff Court) and targeted by gangland criminals (in 2020, his car was firebombed by […]

28 June 2023

Olga Rudenko: How to Run a Successful Media Start-up in Times of War

The Kyiv Independent, an English language start-up in Ukraine, was only a few months old when Russia invaded. When - in one of the biggest media scandals of the Zelensky's presidency - the editorial team of an older English language publication, the Kyiv Post, were fired for defending editorial independence, they came together to form the Kyiv Independent in November 2022.

28 June 2023

‘Fisayo Soyombo: Undercover in Lagos

A fearless Nigerian investigative journalist who has gone under cover on numerous occasions to expose corruption, 'Fisayo Soyombo is best known for spending several days in a police cell and a prison to expose corruption within the country’s criminal justice system.

29 June 2023

Patricia Devlin: Investigating Crime and Paramilitarism in Northern Ireland

Patricia Devlin’s investigations into crime and paramilitarism in post-Troubles Northern Ireland have left her with powerful enemies on all sides. At the CIJ she talks about how to investigate in sometimes hostile territory, and how to deal with the abuse and intimidation that follows.

29 June 2022

Investigating the British Army: The Murder of Agnes Wanjiru

In 2012 a Kenyan called Agnes Wanjiru was murdered by a serving British soldier and her body hidden in a septic tank, a crime which was subsequently covered up. Winner of the 2022 Paul Foot award with her Sunday Times colleague David Collins, Hannah Al-Othman talks about how they worked with sources to bring the story to light, and their dealings with the police and the Ministry of Defence as they worked to investigative and publish it.

30 June 2022

Investigating Media Celebrity: Tim Westwood

How do journalists go about investigating misconduct among media celebrities with many fans, and who might work for the same employers? Earlier this year, a joint investigation by reporters at the BBC and The Guardian uncovered allegations of sexual misconduct by the DJ Tim Westwood.

29 June 2022

Chris Mullin: Protect Sources!

Chris Mullin, journalist and former MP has won his fight against being forced to hand over material that would identify confidential sources relating to his investigations into the Birmingham Six. He will be joined by the veteran crime journalist Duncan Campbell and Gill Phillips, Director of Editorial Legal Services at the Guardian to discuss the case and the importance of source protection.

25 March 2022

Keynote: Chris Moore

From the Kincora rape scandal to priests protected by the Catholic Church to the strange alliances which emerged at the close of the Troubles to bury the secrets of the murky intelligence war, Chris Moore talks about how investigative journalism worked among the Northern Irish conflict, and the enemies ranged against it.