WebDocs Weekend 2014

    Learn how to tell stories with immersive and interactive documentaries. This course will teach you the basics and provide ideas and skills to get started in the world of WebDocs.

    City University London. Rooms BG02 and B307A+B
    15 March 2014 - 16 March 2014

    The two day event will show new and exciting ways of telling stories online; teaching the basics of creating interactive storytelling for people with little or no experience of coding.

    Why Web Documentaries? 

    • More effective: people spend more time reading/viewing them (18 minutes on average compared to the usual three minutes)
    • Interactive: not unlike a computer game, the audiences feel in charge
    • Immersive: it's a hands-on experience
    • Attractive to advertisers:  it's a product in its own right
    • They look fantastic! Worth sharing with everyone. 
    • Two-way relationship with the audience: the readers/viewers can send stories, data, videos and photos.
    • See a brief guide to webdocs for inspiration. 

    Course Outline

    DAY 1 (9.30am - 6.30pm)
    Room BG02

    Through a series of talks and case-studies learn what Webdocs are, how to get funded and the skills you need. This looks at how to get started to large-scale productions and everything in between.

    With Kat Cizek (via Skype), Sandra Gaudenzi (lecturer and maker of interactive documentaries), Francesca Panetta (The Guardian), Matteo Scanni (Italian filmmaker), Samuel Bollendorff (Honkytonk Films, France), Alastair Good (The Telegraph) and Glyn Thomas (WDM). 

    See the full timetable

    LIVE SCREENING - (at 5.40pm)
    City University London, Room BG02
    Live screening of Kat Cizek's webdoc Out of My Window
    Free to all Webdocs Weekend participants and £5 for the general public. 

    Day one is for those who want to find out what's invovled and where to start.

    DAY 2 (10am - 5.30pm)
    Room B307 A+B
    LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Only 10 places available. 

    Hands-on Klynt workshop focusing on skills for journalists with no or little coding or design experience. We will teach you how to to get started 'off the shelf' products.

    You will need to bring your own laptop with a demo (free) version of Klynt pre-installed. 
    The Klynt Workshop - please click for more details.

    Trainers include:
    Maria Gemayel and Simon Duflo of Klynt.

    Day two teaches practical skills and can be done as a follow on from day one or a stand alone.

    Speakes' Biographies

    Katerina Cizek is an Emmy-winning documentary-maker who woks across many media platforms. Her work has documented the Digital Revolution and has itself become part of the movement. Currently she is the director of the National Film Board of Canada's HIGHRISE project and for five years, she was the NFB’s Filmmaker-in-Residence (2008 Webby Award). Her previous award-winning films include Seeing is Believing: Handicams, Human Rights and the News (2002, co-directed with Peter Wintonick). Her documentaries have instigated criminal investigations, changed UN policies, and have screened as evidence at the International Criminal Tribunal. She teaches and presents around the world about her innovative approach to the documentary genre.

    Sandra Gaudenzi started her career as a television producer and then moved into interactive television, to finally specialize in the field of digital interactive narrative.  She has taught interactive media theory at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) during thirteen years and she is now Visiting Research Fellow at the University of the West of England. She co-convenes the i-Docs conference and is Creative Director of its website. She also mentors projects, organises trainings, curates conferences, blogs, researches and runs a meet-up in London about factual interactive narrative.

    Francesca Panetta is multimedia special projects editor at the Guardian. Prior to this she worked at BBC Radio 3 and 4. Specialising in feature-making, she's picked up awards from the New York Festivals, Sony Radio Academy Awards, Webby Awards and the Radio Production Awards. She will be talking about guardian.co.uk's interactive projects such as Firestorm

    Matteo Scanni is an award-winning journalist and videomaker with a solid background in digital and multimedia storytelling. Since 2001 is Co-Director of the School of Journalism at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, where also teaches Investigative and Video Journalism. After a decade as a producer of “traditional” documentaries, he started developing stories through a variety of innovative digital platforms. His work “The Iron Curtain Diaries 1989-2009” is one of the first examples of webdoc ever realized. 

    Alastair Good is a video journalist working for the Telegraph. He has been making short form investigative news documentaries for the past five years covering the vote on legalisation of marijuana in California, post industrialisation in Detroit and the Scottish Independence debate.
    He works as a solo back pack journalist carrying all the kit needed to shoot, edit and file remotely.

    Glyn Thomas -  digital communications officer at the World Development Movement (WDM), who attended CIJ's 2013 webdocs courses and created his own web documentary Dirty Money. He will talk about his experience of making a his first ever web documentary on a shoestring.

    Simon Duflo - Filmmaker, Klynt Evangelist, New Media consultant.
    At first a documentary filmmaker, deeply interested by the new narrative possibilities of the web, Simon has been involved in the field of interactive documentary for a few years. He currently works for Klynt as an evangelist, trainer and consultant.


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