Web Investigator

    Open source intelligence gathering - using social networking sites as an investigative tool

    Room 3/4 Ben Pimlott Building, Goldsmiths, University of London
    22 April 2017 - 23 April 2017

    Open Source Intelligence and Internet Investigations are more than just Google and gossip. Neil Smith is an experienced Open Source Intelligence Investigator and Trainer, who will show some useful databases and techniques that he uses daily in his own enquiries.


    Full price - £275

    Student - £155

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    Course Outline

    From free sites and techniques that will take your web site enquiries forward to maximise the amount of information you can locate about a subject- from opening up a Facebook account which appears to have its privacy setting set to the max, to databases both free and paid for, maximising what you know about a subject.

    Day One

    Advanced Searching Techniques, Search Engines & Meta Search Engines

    Without knowing how to search properly the internet can never be fully utilised; so by showing delegates how to use the Advanced Search Techniques and then by giving them a chance to use these techniques in practical scenarios we can get people to quickly become much more effective on-line investigators.

    This is then built on by providing delegates with an understanding of how search engines function, some of the different search engines available to them, along with the use of meta search engines and search engine utilities.

    The Structure Of The Internet, Domain Name Registration & Website Investigations

    This will demonstrate to delegates how the internet that we have now has developed and is governed and give them an opportunity to undertake practical scenarios into using the demonstrated investigative techniques into the domain name registration system.

    It will also show delegates a number of different investigative techniques that can be used whilst investigating a website.

    Day Two

    Understanding Social Networking Sites As An Investigative Resource

    Whilst many people are well used to using Facebook or Twitter, there is much more that the effective internet investigator should be aware of, so they can access the maximum amount of information from a social networking account, even if that account has privacy settings in place, restricting access to it.

    This will also introduce the delegates to a number of other techniques which can be used whilst investigating social networking sites and to some of the other social networking sites that are used by individuals that may be of interest to an investigator.

    Those attending will require a Facebook and Twitter account that they can use during the course.

    The course will be held in a computer lab: 3/4 Ben Pimlott Building, but delegates are welcome to bring their own laptops if they'd prefer.