Speakers' Biographies

Alexandre Brachet is an e-producer and CEO of 'web producer' Upian. In recent years, Upian has produced or co-produced some of the most highly regarded web documentaries, including lacitedesmortes.net, Thanatorama.com and Gaza-Sderot (2008), the project with which Brachet put the interactive documentary on the map. Upian is one of the world’s major players in the area of web documentary and the intersection of documentary cinema and digital storytelling. 
Upian is currently producing the Do Not Track project directed by Brett Gaylor and coproduced with Arte, ONF and BR (Germany). Do Not Track is an interactive documentary series about privacy and the web economy.
Every two weeks, we will release a new episode that explores a different aspect of how the modern web is increasingly a space where our movements, our speech, and our identities are recorded and tracked.

Anne-Lise Bouyer is the COO of Journalism++, an agency for data-driven storytelling. After studying computer engineering, she worked for three years as a project manager in a web agency and for OWNI.fr. She specialises in user experience and is committed to applying her skills to innovative journalism. Her technical expertise along with her marketing and customer management skills enabled her to have a 360-degree vision of all Journalism++ projects. @annelisebouyer


Arnold van Bruggen is a writer, filmmaker, and founder of the journalist production agency Prospektor, and cofounder, along with with photographer Rob Hornstra, of The Sochi Project. Van Bruggen explores new ways of storytelling by letting the story decide which medium to choose and who to collaborate on it, whether a traditional documentary like The Russian War, an interactive music documentary such as Hidden Wounds (about PTSD), or an innovative newspaper/exhibition like On The Other Side of The Mountains@theshochiproject


Glyn Thomas is a digital communications officer at the World Development Movement (WDM), who attended the CIJ's 2013 webdocs courses and created his own web documentary Dirty Money. He will talk about his experience of making a his first ever web documentary on a shoestring.




Juliana Ruhfus is the senior reporter for Al Jazeera’s award-winning "People and Power" for which she has made over 30 current affairs and investigative reports including a flag-ship five-part series about lawsuits brought against multinationals. "Pirate Fishing - An Interactive Investigation" is her first transmedia production in which she hopes to give audiences a taste of what it's like to be on the inside of an investigation. "Pirate Fishing" was produced and designed in collaboration with Ivan Giordano at Altera Studios in Rome. The making of Pirate Fishing. 


Lindsay Poulton is an award-winning producer/ director, who is passionate about innovation in digital storytelling and new platforms. Since joining the Guardian, eight years ago, she has produced a wide range of documentaries and multimedia interactives. Recent work includes: The Shirt on Your Back interactive documentary about the Rana Plaza disaster and the garment industry in Bangladesh; A Global Guide to the First World War a brief history of the conflict and its effects from a global perspective, in eight languages; and The Seven Digital Deadly Sins, a co-production with the National Film Board of Canada exploring the shifting moral landscape of the digital age.

Maria Gemayel is Klynt client relations manager. She has more than five years' experience in project management and coordination of multimedia projects, Maria has been in charge of Klynt clients' relations for the last two years. Her responsibilities include managing the technical support, training and assisting in the development of the software. @klynt_app



Olivier Lambert is a journalist, writer, director co-founder of the creative narrative lab Lumento
Interested in what is unseen, untold or unexpected, Olivier has been developing new ways of writing, producing and distributing stories since 2009. Together with his co-director Thomas Salva, he has won several awards for interactive documentaries, including a Webby Award for the best online documentary series in 2011 for Brèves de Trottoirs (Sidewalk Shorts); Grand Jury Prize at WebTV Festival for La Nuit Oubliée – 17 octobre 1961. 
With Lumento he produces interactive stories such as The Mystery of Grimouville for Radio France and film series for websites and media and institutions including the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, MSNBC and Orange.
M. Sean Coleman is a scriptwriter, a novelist and a producer who has created a number of hugely successful cross-platform projects for Living TV, Trouble, O2, Sony Pictures, Fox International, Bebo.com, MSN, Channel 4 and the BBC.
He is currently the lead writer of Milli – a series of picture books and interactive storybooks for tablets and animated television shows for pre-school children. Last year, he wrote a three-part graphic novel series for the cross-platform project Netwars: OUT of CTRL. At the same time he completed his first crime thriller novel, The Code – also part of the Netwars project. His second novel in the Netwars series, Down Time, was published in January this year.

Simon Dulfo is a filmmaker, new media consultant and Klynt evangelist. At first a documentary filmmaker, deeply interested by the new narrative possibilities of the web, Simon has been involved in the field of interactive documentary years. He currently works for Klynt as a trainer and consultant.