Community and Citizen Journalism Workshops

The CIJ are currently touring the UK, bringing our expert trainers to several cities to provide skills, support and encouragement with minimal cost to those community and citizen journalists valiantly taking up the slack left by a decades long decline in UK local journalism.

With over 80% of local media outlets controlled by just five corporations and more than half of UK Parliamentary constituencies not covered by a daily local newspaper, we have been left with a profit-driven, hollowed-out local media industry. This has lead to the kind of 'asset-stripping' currently being fought by the NewsQuest strikers in south London and a growing democratic deficit as local journalists see their efforts to hold local government and corporate interests to account consistently underfunded and undermined.

However, with investigative skills and models based on community engagement rather than corporate ownership, some outlets are showing that public-interest journalism can be sustainable without relying on click-bait headlines designed to feed advertising revenue. 

The CIJ wants to support the movement towards a cooperative, investi