Investigative Methodology

Story-Based Inquiry treats investigative journalism as an integrated process focused on producing an original story.

Based on a process developed by Mark Lee Hunter, a leading investigator and academic, and Luuk Sengers, a journalist and lecturer, this is a well-established methodology that offers practical training in producing an evidence-based narrative.

The course will lead participants through the Story-Based Inquiry method via interactive lectures focused on key techniques. Participants will be guided through the basics of conceiving, structuring, researching, composing and publishing an investigation.

Divided into four parts, the course shows how to use hypothesis to develop and sell a story, how to manage information in such a way that will help build the story structure, finding sources and mapping them to your story, and finally writing up the investigation into a strong and solid piece of work.

As well as training, we also publish two handbooks on this subject written by the experts who developed the Story-Based Inquiry technique:

The Hidden Scenario

The Story Tells The Facts