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The CIJ's use of Cookies

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are set to your web browser, allowing the website operator to provide services for web users, such as registration and online discussion. Cookies also provide information to the website operator about which pages and services are being used and how often. Find out more about cookies: www.aboutcookies.org.

Which cookies does the CIJ website use?
We use a number of our own cookies to provide web services. We also use third party cookies, from the organisation that provides a specific service, to offer video, images, subscriptions and Twitter. A final category of cookies we use are also from third party providers, such as Google, and allow us to measure anonymously how popular our web pages are and how often they are visited.

Why does the CIJ need to use cookies?
Some cookies are important for the delivery of our web content, while others allow us web services while others to anonymously measure how successful our content is. This data evaluation - or analytics - helps the us plan future content and online services.

Can I control cookies?
Yes, you can control cookies via your browser settings using the information here. If you would like to delete cookies from your browser you can find out how using the link here.

More information about cookies and their use: www.aboutcookies.org
Online choices: a guide to online behavioural advertising: www.youronlinechoices.eu

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