Our Funders

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) was founded in 2003 with a grant from the Lorana Sullivan Foundation. In 2007 it acquired registered charity status (no.1118602).

Over the years, CIJ has been supported by a number of foundations including: City University London, Democratie en Media, the Lorana Sullivan Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Park Foundation, the Reva and David Logan Foundation, the David and Elaine Potter Foundation, the Roddick Foundation and several smaller private trusts.

The CIJ has access to 501(c)3 tax-deductable status in the US, through NEO Philanthropy (New York).

Our Current Funders

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued, generous and invaluable support to CIJ and to investigative journalism around the world.


The Reva and David Logan Foundation

The Reva and David Logan Foundation
The important support from the Logan Foundation began in 2013 and directly supports CIJ publications, assistance for the Director and other resources for investigative journalists. The Reva and David Logan Foundation, steadfast supporters of democracy and freedom, is generously supporting the Logan Symposium. Visit the Reva and David Logan Foundation website.



The David and Elaine Potter Foundation

The David and Elaine Potter Foundation
The David and Elaine Potter Foundation have provided substantial, long-term core funding and specific project underwriting. Over the years, the Potters have more than doubled their annual support to CIJ.
Vist the David and Elaine Potter Foundation website.


The Lorana Sullivan Foundation

The Lorana Sullivan Foundation
The Lorana Sullivan Foundation helped form CIJ and has continued to support CIJ's core and project activities such as the annual Summer School, Film Week and the new CIJ website that went live in June 2012.
Find out more about Lorana Sullivan and the Foundation set up in her memory.



Stichting Democratie en Media

Democratie en Media
Stichting Democratie en Media have recently donated funds towards CIJ's Whistleblowers project which began in March 2012. These funds have enabled the production of materials to increase public understanding of one of investigative reporters main sources and responsibilities: whistleblowers.
Visit the Democratie en Media website.



Goldsmiths, University of London
Goldsmiths provide office space, technical facilities and meeting rooms for the CIJ, and we work closely with the Department of Media and Communications.