Win A Free Ticket To #CIJSummer

    If you use data for research, investigations or journalism, we want to help you by identifying common barriers to working with data and ways to fill skills gaps. We have produced a survey with Bournemouth University's Civic Data Hub to identify barriers to journalists' and researchers' work with data, and your responses will assist us to build a more flexible provision of training, teaching and support that can be adapted to the needs of a range of different roles and organisations

    If you submit your answers before 15th June 2017 and make sure to include your email in the 'Tell us more' section, you'll be automatically entered into a prize draw for a free ticket to day 3 of this year's CIJ Summer Conference!

    So please take just ten minutes to complete the survey and circulate it widely to friends and colleagues. The results will help enable many people from diverse backgrounds to move their research forward by engaging effectively with data tools and the open data movement. 

    Such progress will be crucial if open data transparency is ever to be translated into governmental accountability.

    Take the Data Skills Survey here