The Whistler Launches in the UK

    LONDON, 7 March 2014 The Whistler, an umbrella group of organisations who provide support for whistleblowers, has announced its UK launch at 6pm, 20 March 2014 in Room A214 at City University London.

    The Whistler is a fellowship alliance that brings together Compassion in Care, Cure the NHS, the Courage Foundation and the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) with the intention of protecting all whistleblowers regardless of race, religion or politics.

    Eileen Chubb, director of Compassion in Care and Gavin MacFadyen director of the CIJ, formed the Whistler when they recognised the need to change the law, to protect whistleblowers from retribution, abuse and gagging and to encourage others to come forward. 

    The Whistler supports all whistleblowers with psychological, legal and practical help and protection.

    Eileen and Gavin were the founders of Whistleblowers UK, which they formed in 2012. However, fundamental differences emerged amongst members of the group. Eileen and Gavin believed that the integrity and independence of whistleblowers is more important than anything else.

    To allow them to continue to provide practical help and protection to those who are considering whistleblowing, they've redefined themselves and formed a new organisation, The Whistler.

    Eileen, who is one of the Bupa 7 care assistants who blew the whistle on elderly patient abuse, explained why she thought the alliance is so important:

    “We are a union of those who have suffered the consequences of silence.

    “We need to give a voice to the victims. We need to protect the protectors. When whistleblowers are ignored and when silence prevails, so many people suffer, even die.”

    “We stand with the whistleblowers, whatever they need, wherever they work, wherever they are.”

    Julie Bailey, Delyth Jenkins and Ian Perkin will join Eileen Chubb and Gavin MacFadyen. They will be in London to support the cause and will be available to take questions at the launch.

    As recognition of solidarity with whistlers from around the world, the fellowship had its international launch in February.

    We are inviting the press and members of the public to attend this event. Please RSVP to Magdalena Gawlicka at or book your place online.

    Notes for Editors

    Julie Bailey helped to uncover the failings of a local Mid Staffordshire NHS foundation trust. After her mother’s death in 2007, she formed a campaigning group Cure the NHS to expose the negligence at Mid Staff. It has now extended its reach to other hospitals as well.

    Delyth Jenkins was an administrator at Johnstown Centre in Carmarthen for 16 years before she experienced harassment from managers for blowing the whistle on the abuse of users of the day centre for adults with learning disabilities. She resigned in 2010 and began a tribunal process.

    Ian Perkin was a director of finance at St George’s Hospital before he was dismissed in 2002 for blowing a whistle on operation cancellation figures that had been falsified to meet NHS standards.


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