Whistleblowers Join Forces to Create International Organisation

    Whistleblowers who exposed some of the highest profile violations of privacy and human rights in the US have joined forces with The Whistler to form an international alliance to protect all whistleblowers.

    Thomas Drake, a former NSA officer whose allegations exposed the agency’s failed surveillance program, and Jesselyn Radack, a former US Department of Justice ethics advisor who blew the whistle on an FBI ethics violation, have joined Eileen Chubb, who is one of the Bupa Seven care assistants who exposed the abuse of elderly patients.

    Speaking at the Whistler Fellowship Alliance International Launch at City University London, Drake, Radack and Chubb emphasised the importance of whistleblowers who risk reputation and livelihood to speak out when something has gone badly wrong.

    The Whistler Fellowship Alliance was formed by Eileen Chubb, and the director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism, Gavin MacFadyen. The aim of the organisation is to provide emotional and legal assistance to those who have, or are considering righting a wrong.

    They were also joined by Annie Machon, former intelligence officer for the UK domestic security service (MI5) who blew the whistle on lack of accountability of the British spy agencies and Ray McGovern, a former CIA senior analyst, who helped expose intelligence corruption to justify the war in Iraq.

    Most of them had paid a high price, their lives essentially on hold for months, if not years, as they fought against hostile powers to bring the wrongdoing to light.

    Gavin MacFadyen, who chaired the panel, thought the talk was a big success:

    “This was one of the largest events whistleblowers have had in the UK. The talks were inspiring and showed what effect one can have by standing up and speaking out, however dire the threats and hostility.

    “The current government attacks on the civil liberties of the population in both the US and Britain gave particular power and poignancy to the experiences of these courageous truth-tellers.”

    The Whistler: International Launch

    February 18, City University London