Sy Hersh and Geoffrey Robertson QC on the implications of the NSA leaks

    Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh will be joined by the leading specialist on the human rights and media law, Geoffrey Robertson QC to talk about the legal implications of the NSA leaks for journalists, NGO workers and whistleblowers. Spying: the Eye on Everyone talk will take place on Sat 13 July at 6.15pm

    This will be on the five keynote speeches at the CIJ Summer School 2013. 

    The Summer School will take place on 12-14 July 2013 at City University London  and will focus on high risk investigations and internet security, as well as covering all the basics: from data journalism to covert filming. 

    The school is open to all. If you cannot attend the entire summer school, you can come to one (or all) of the keynote speeches. Tickets for the keynote speaches are £3-£5. 

    Other new speakers include:

    Ioan Grillo - has been covering the surreal and ultra violent world of cartels for over a decade, putting together the skills required to get close to the gangsters and came to understand a complicated phenomenon sometimes through personal stories rather than a breaking fact. 

    Jim Nichol - is a Solicitor Advocate known for his miscarriage of justice and civil liberties cases. He frequently works with investigative journalists and was responsible with the late Paul Foot for the investigation that led to the quashing of the convictions of the Bridgewater 4. He now represents the families of the miners killed at Marikana, seeking justice at the Marikana Commission. 
    Dr. Richard Stallman - founder of the free software movement since 1983 and developer of the GNU operating system (see since 1984. Stallman has received the ACM Grace Hopper Award, a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Pioneer Award, and the the Takeda Award for Social/Economic Betterment, as well as several honorary doctorates.
    Arjen Kamphuis - information security specialist, co-founder and chief technology officer of Gendo. He will be focusing on internet and information security. With practical, hands-on workshops and talks. 
    Katerina Cizek - an award-winning Canadian documentary film maker and web creator. Director of The Highrise - a webdoc series on life in residential skyscrapers. She will be teaching about web documentary making. 
    Ian Cobain - is a senior reporter for the Guardian and the author of Cruel Britannia: a Secret History of Torture. He will be talking about the findings in his book. 
    More information on this year's summer school here