Surveillance Jokes

    On the eve of the 2013 summer school where we will be talking a lot about information security, here is a couple of great surveillance jokes and quotes for you: 

    Encrypt the crap out of your life. Why make it easy for the government? Make it as hard as possible.” — Thomas Drake, former NSA official and whistleblower.

    And one more, about PRISM:

    The summer school will have a whole strand of InfoSec talks: from Richard Stallman on the Politics of the Internet to Arjen Camphuis's talks and worshops on securing your computer and communications, as well as Duncan Campbel's take on the implications of the NSA files. 

    And don't miss Spying: the Eye on Everyone keynote speech with Sy Hersh and Geoffrey Robertson QC on Sat 13 July at 6.15pm. This talk is open to the general public.