Shadows of Liberty: How the Media is Controlled

    A film about the world’s corporate media monopoly and its stranglehold on democracy and information is being shown this Wednesday at Merci Marie Cafe in London on Wed 20 November at 7pm. 
    Shadows of Liberty tells the stories of award-winning journalists who were cut out and brushed aside by their news organization because their powerful reports about government and corporate corruption conflicted with their news organizations' agendas.
    From how a story about Nike's sweatshops was pulled off air to how the war in Iraq was promoted through government-hired PR agencies that filtered their false information through the most trusted media outlets.
    The sreening is free and will be followed by a Q&A discussion with with filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Magnus Nome from Open Democracy, Jamie Elliot from London Journalism Centre, and Peter Tatchell from Peter Tatchell Foundation. 
    Reserve your free place here.
    Venue: Merci Marie Cafe, The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL
    Date: 7:00 pm, 20th November 2013
    More information: 
    Shadows of Liberty's website.
    Shadows of Liberty trailer