New Whistleblowers Organisation

    A new organisation of Whistleblowers is coming together dedicated to the support, defence and campaign for whistleblowers' rights in every sector.

    Those who have risked a great deal to bring injustice, corruption and wrongdoing to public attention need your and support. Whistleblowers are the backbone of public interest and their protection is vital to an open, free press and a foundation for democratic accountability and transparency.

    This new group supports all whistleblowers and is not tied to PR companies, for-profit law firms or establishment middlemen who would seek to limit whistleblowers to complicated, endless tribunal hearings that so often result in solutions of interest only to the authorities.

    If you are a whistleblower or are considering whistleblowing and want to talk confidentially with an experienced whistleblower, the CIJ has a temporary number to make contact: 07599 763 472

    We will have a permanent office and contact details shortly.

    Stay tuned for news.