Media Intelligence Exposé Timeline

    Paul Lashmar, a CIJ trainer and subject leader at Brunel University is looking for help in the creation of a timeline of all major exposés of British Intelligence.

    This will cover exposés in the broadest sense - malpractice, illegality, incompetence, corruption, anti-democratic or immoral acts - primarily by UK news media from 1909 to the present day.

    The information gathered so far is available to view: Media Intelligence Exposé timeline.

    It will inevitably, to some extent, be subjective as there are a number of criteria that are hard to define exactly (the difference between major and lesser exposé).

    While the emphasis is on revelation it can include an exposé that comes when a major scandal is being investigated publicly, for example in a trial or tribunal.

    It can be a news report based on the publication of a book with a major revelation. It cannot be a report of malpractice revealed elsewhere.

    Any help, suggestions or corrections would be appreciated, please contact Paul Lashmar