Lorana Sullivan Scholarship

    Lorana Sullivan used her education at the Journalism School as a springboard to a long and successful career in business journalism, both in the US and UK. Over the years, she poked and probed the questionable, illegal and unethical practices of con-artists and respected state and private institutions alike.

    A full-tuition fellowship is awarded annually in her memory to a Master of Arts student in the business and economics concentration who plans to pursue a career in investigative business journalism. All admitted applicants to the programme demonstrating academic and professional achievement, as well as financial need, are considered for the Sullivan Fellowships. The award is for study at Columbia University in the US.

    The application deadline for the Lorana Sullivan Scholarship is 15 January at 11:59pm. Below are links to the application form, programme and information about the Lorana Sullivan Scholarship. 

    Lorana Sullivan Scholarship

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    Sullivan alumni have covered and investigated wide ranging stories including the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the housing and mortgage crisis, the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme and its aftermath, force-placed insurance kickbacks, US automakers bankruptcy, September 11, the war on terror, the great recession and China's real estate bubble. Read the full Lorana Sullivan Scholarship 10 Year Impact Report by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism (2002-2012).