London Investigative Film Festival 2014 Photos

    We had it all: tears, heated discussions and moving personal stories. Nearly 300 people attended the London Investigative Film Festival 2014 and four filmmakers came to London to present their films. 

    You can see the photos from the festival on the CIJ Facebook Page.

    Read the interviews with the filmmakers and reviews in the media: 

    West of Memphis: An Unpredictable Ending - an interview with director Amy Berg. 

    UK Premiere: Tobacco Companies Targetting Toddlers - an interview with French director and investigative journalist Paul Moreira. 

    Step Vaessen: It's Personal - an interview with Step Vaessen about her film Trail of Murder. 

    Trial of Murder: a Story from the Past Opens Old Wounds - an interview with director David Niblock. 

    The British Medical Journal did a film review of Big Tobacco, Young Targets and invites people's responses, which will be published as letters to the editor. 

    Thank you to everyone who attended the event, for your questions and participation. A special thank you to all the filmmakers who let us show their films and who came to London to take part in the Q&A sessions.