Investigative Journalism: a New Stage

    This year we are focusing on the new and different ways of doing investigative journalism.

    With the decline of newspapers and cuts to jobs in journalism, we want to show that there are new ways of doing investigative journalism, telling the stories and finding funding. 

    Below is a list of talks and discussions which will have this theme in their core or will have examples of how journalists and non-journalists are doing investigations today.

    Friday 4 July 

    Corruption: Yanukovych Leaks from Ukraine
    with Oleg Khomenok and Natalia Sedletska
    This is a fascinating investigative project which came out after former President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych fled from Ukraine and his house in Mezhgirya, leaving thousands of documents about his financial dealings floating in the estate's lake. A team of Ukrainian investigative journalists created Yanukovych Leaks, a project to post all the documents online with open access for anyone interested in investigating Yanukovych's dealings.

    Saturday 5 July

    New Financial Models for Investigative Journalism
    with Israel Mirsky (Uncoverage), Mark Watts (Exaro), Christopher Hurd (BIJ) and others.
    This is one of our keynote discussions. We will be looking at the new ways of paying for investigative journalism, discussing the models and their impact and looking for more ideas. 

    Sunday 6 July

    Tracking Conflict Through Social Media
    with Eliot Higgins (Brown Moses)
    Brown Moses became and expert on the conflict in Syria and in particular on the arms used in the conflict. This lead to Eliot's stories being picked up by the New York Times and Eliot himself working on projects with the Human Rights Watch, Action on Armed Conflict and many more. Eliot Higgins shows that it is possible to do international investigations from the comfort of your sofa. 

    Finding Scoops in Local Councils
    with Ted Jeory and Paul Francis
    Ted Jeory's journalistic blog (his day job is with the Sunday Express and is Trial by Jeory, about the politics of Tower Hamlets. The blog was nominated for the Paul Foot award (the first time a blog has been nominated) and Ted was recently involved in making a BBC Panorama programme about Mayor Lutfur Rahman and Tower Hamlets. He will speak about blogging as a tool for investigative journalists, as part of the councils talk.

    We are planning more talks, which will cover this theme and details will be published here.