Film Week 2013 Submissions

    The Centre for Investigative Journalism is looking for great investigative documentaries to be shown at its Investigative Film Week 2013.

    We are particularly interested in films made outside the UK.

    The directors/producers of the selected films will be invited to London to answer audience’s questions after the screening, so if you are a filmmaker or simply know of a good film, please let us know.

    Please see Film Week 2012 to see films previously shown.

    The criteria:

    • The films must show strong investigative methodology
    • They must be in English or have English subtitles
    • Ideally wouldn’t have been shown in the UK before

    Submit a Film
    Please email with the name of the film, duration, year of production, names of the director and producer, contact details of the director and (or) producer if you know them, link to the films website (if known) and a short description of what the film is about.

    If the film is shortlisted, we will need to recieve a DVD for viewing.

    The DVD should be sent to this address:

    Juliet Ferguson
    Centre for Investigative Journalism
    City University London
    Journalism and Publishing
    Northampton Square, London, EC1V 0HB
    United Kingdom