Covert Filming: All You Need to Know

    We are proud to recommend a new book Hidden Cameras: Everything you Need to Know About Covert Recording, Undercover Cameras and Secret Filming by investigative journalist Joe Plomin.

    Secret filming is no longer the preserve of specialists, professional journalists and private investigators.

    Drawing on the author's own experience producing undercover documentaries and wearing secret cameras, this book explains covert recording for the general public, including specific advice on the practicalities of using a phone or covert camera to record evidence.

    It considers the legal and ethical issues and provides vital information for anyone who may use or encounter secret filming, including the people or organisations that might be filmed, regulators, social workers, local government officials and anyone who may encounter it in court.

    It also looks to the future of covert filming and the implications of technological advances, such as drone cameras.

    Watch Joe talking about his book.