Community and Citizen Journalism Project

    Taking investigative skills training out to those who need it most: the citizen journalists defending the public interest in our regional communities

    The CIJ is currently implementing a series of training workshops for independent community based journalism outlets. We hope this programme will support those taking on this role using donated funds and donated time. We aim to provide free training so that these donated funds can be used for other areas of support, and the donated time can be used in the most effective ways possible.

    Through investigative training; advice and guidance in journalistic practice; and support in building regional networks and sustainable business models we aim to revive local and community based reporting to address the democratic deficit left by a decades-long decline in budgets, staff and overall plurality across the UK local media industry.

    This new programme will strengthen capacity within these initiatives to gain access to information and investigate issues affecting their communities, and to share their findings in the public interest.

    CIJ hopes to bring expertise in investigative journalism to those working for and in defence of their local communities:

    • to encourage greater government and corporate accountability at a local level
    • to support democratic scrutiny
    • and to reinforce civil society from the ground up
    We will be running the workshops in several different regions across the UK starting in Birmingham this August. If you are interested in being involved, please contact us at

    Please note that due to the remit of this project we are only able to provide training to journalists working with a specific community/regional focus on a part-time or voluntary basis.