CIJ Bertha Fellows: World Bank Funds Ukraine 'Land Grabs'

    CIJ Bertha Fellows Matt Kennard and Claire Provost report in the Guardian on the Wolrd Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) and its role in financing the rush to buy farmland by Ukrainian agribusiness firm Mironivsky Hliboproduct.

    Despite growing concern at the environmental and social impact, the IFC has pumped huge development loans into this large-scale project.

    The IFC operates under an explicit 'do no harm' principle, but Kennard and Provost spoke to many residents in the surrounding region who say their concerns are not being listened to. Many stated that they were only informed about the project once building had commenced and it was too late to resist.

    Read our Bertha Fellows full piece in the Guardian: Ukraine agribusiness firm in 'quiet land grab' with development finance.