CIJ Bertha Fellow: Environmental Protests at Kyrgyzstan Gold Mine

    In a report published today in the Guardian, CIJ Bertha Fellow Claire Provost, working with local freelancer Ryskeldi Satke, exposes the environmental damage caused by gold mining operations in the Issyk Kul region of Kyrgyzstan.

    Provost spoke to local activists who say they have been subject to threats harrassment and violence due to their involvement in protests at Kumtor, the largest open-pit mine in Central Asia, against the controversial 'ice-mining' operations conducted there by Canadian company Centerra Gold.

    Despite the protests and legitimate concerns surrounding the environmental impact of the mine, the project is scheduled to continue until 2026. Vested interests in the industry include the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development who have provided millions of dollars in financing, and the Kyrgyzstan government who own a third of Centerra's shares through the state company Kyrgyzaltyn.

    Read the full story in the Guardian Tensions flare over environmental threat of Canadian gold mine in Kyrgyzstan.