Care Homes Scandal

    The standards of care in the UK care homes continue to shock. BBC Panorama programme Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed (Today, 9pm on BBC1) will once again how some residents have neen tounted, roughly handled and even slapped. And while bosses of companies that run them claim that they are doing their best to clamp down on abuse and bad care, by provoding training and having an open whistleblowers line, it is not the first time that such things happen in the UK's care homes. And being a whistleblower is not such a welcome thing, as the bosses try to portrait. 

    Watch a discussion between three medical whistleblowers, including Eileen Chubb (a former carer in one of UK's leading private care homes, who blew a whistle on the appauling care and abuse) to see that the situation is far from being resolved. 

    Eileen Chub now runs a charity Compassion in Care which aimes to improve current care system. 

    Medical Whistleblowers. A panel discussion with Margater Haywood (aka Undercover Nurse), Eileen Chubb and Terry Bryan