Award-Winning Editor of World In Action, Ray Fitzwalter Dies

    The death of Ray Fitzwalter has left a gaping hole in the culture of controversial, investigative reporting, that he did so much to encourage and defend. As Editor of World in Action he maintained the highest international standard of investigative programming, encouraging talent and risk-taking for more than 11 years.

    His work exposing the Poulson corruption scandal forced the resignation of the Conservative Home Secretary. It was this fearless reporting that earned Ray and World in Action the hostility of successive governments, corporations and authoritarian states. Margaret Thatcher described the award winning popular series as “just a bunch of Trotskyists”. 

    In the last decade he continued producing and encouraging controversial work; as an advisor to the CIJ and recently as Head of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

    The Director of CIJ and a number of the Centre’s speakers and trainers who worked with Ray were influenced by his personal loyalty, tenacious commitment to truth telling and to his defence of investigative reporting.

    He will be missed.