Andrew Jennings' FIFA Investigation

    The astonishing scandal surrounding FIFA and its leader, Sepp Blatter, has hit the headlines with the arrest, on charges of corruption, of FIFA officials following an investigation by the US Department of Justice.

    The reporter, however, who exposed year after year, the parade of corruption, bribery and malfeasance associated with FIFA was Andrew Jennings.

    If any one ever made a story 'theirs', this was Andrew. His passion was focused tirelessly year in, year out as he moved between continents and followed the money trails.

    Only now, after one country finally decided to move against this criminality is his work being properly recognised.

    In celebration of Andrew's courage and steadfastness, the CIJ is pleased to present a few clips of this exemplary investigative journalist.

    We're also proud to announce that Andrew will once again be joining us at the CIJ Summer Conference.