Anabel Hernández to deliver Gavin MacFadyen Memorial Lecture

    The CIJ is very happy to announce that the inaugural Gavin MacFadyen Memorial Lecture at the #CIJSummer Investigative Journalism Conference 2017 will be delivered by award winning Mexican investigative journalist Anabel Hernández
    The Gavin MacFadyen Memorial Lecture was established to commemorate the founder and director of the CIJ, Gavin MacFadyen’s lifelong commitment to investigative journalism and will showcase the work of the world’s most courageous journalists. 
    Anabel Hernández is one of the most important journalists in Mexico. She bravely confronted narcotic gangs and state corruption often at a great risk to herself and her family. 
    She is the author of many books including Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and Their Godfathers; La IRA de Mexico: Siete Voces Contra La Impunidad and most recently La Verdadera Noche de Iguala: La Historia Que El Gobierno Quiso Ocultar, an investigation into the disappearance of students in Iguala. 
    Susan Benn, Gavin MacFadyen’s wife said:

    Gavin had a special interest in Anabel Hernández’s outstanding work in Mexico and spoke to me many times of her exceptional courage. 

    “I know he would have been thrilled Anabel will be speaking at this year’s #CIJSummer Conference and that her book Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and Their Godfathers is now be published in English!” 
    Anabel Hernández will be talking on Saturday 24 June 2017.
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    22-14 June 2017
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    Gavin MacFadyen was the founder-director of the CIJ until his death in October 2016.
    Over his long career as an investigative journalist, he produced and directed more than 50 documentaries, many for Granada Television’s World in Action, in countries as diverse as Ecuador, Guyana, South Africa, Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand, the USSR, the US, Sweden, India and Turkey. His investigations covered topics including industrial accidents, neo-Nazi violence in the UK, Chinese criminal societies, the history of the CIA, Watergate, election fraud in Guyana, the Iraq arms trade, child labour, nuclear proliferation, and Frank Sinatra’s connection to organised crime. He was banned from Apartheid South Africa, the Soviet Union, and attacked by British Neo-Nazis, because of his investigative documentaries. The volume and quality of his body of work is unparalleled.