About CIJ

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) is a think-tank, alternative university and an experimental laboratory set up to train a new generation of reporters in the tools of investigative, in-depth, and long-form journalism across all media. Registered as a charity, we robustly defend investigative journalists and those who work with them. 
Established by the late investigative journalist and filmmaker Gavin MacFadyen in 2003, the CIJ quickly established a reputation for educating both journalists, and the public in the craft, culture and methods of journalism in the public interest. With roots both in the United States and in mainland Europe, through an industry-standard training programme in the UK and lively public events and symposia around the world, we work to educate both practitioners and the public on issues of interest to investigative journalism. Via the dissemination of handbooks and online courses in the tradecraft of journalism, and building up a library of literature and resources, we help with the education of journalists both in the UK and overseas. 

Since 2003, the key event in our calendar has been the annual