Previous Events

Private Investigators Winning over Witnesses
Learn what you need to know from reluctant/hostile witnesses or while dealing with unpopular clients/causes with Jack Palladino and Sandra Sutherland. This talk was recorded watch: Private Investigators Winning Over Witnesses with Jack Palladino and Sandra Sutherland.
Tuesday 12 April 2011 AG21, City University London Full details
CIJ Investigative Film Week 2011
The CIJ screened some of the best examples of investigative documentaries, followed by discussions with the filmmakers. You can learn more about the films and their reception on the Film Week 2011 website.
Monday 7 March 2011 - Saturday 12 March 2011 Oliver Thompson Theatre, City University London Full details
How to Read Public Accounts
In this talk, Sally Gainsbury will show you how to report accurately on public spending stories. She will explain how to find where the bodies are buried in official publications, how to decode jargon and what questions to ask. She will explain the fundamentals of reporting public finance and how to avoid mistakes and spin. In the second half of the talk you will look at a case study and learn...
Wednesday 13 October 2010 A130 College Building City University London Full details
Transitions (TOL) Investigative Course
This is not a CIJ event. On this five day course, students will learn how to use sources to put together a piece of investigative journalism and learn how to build a publishable case. The course is run by Transitions (TOL), a non-profit organisation established to strengthen the professionalism, independence and impact of the news media in the post-communist countries of Europe and the former...
Sunday 18 July 2010 - Friday 23 July 2010 Prague Full details
Summer School 2010
With Dr Ben Goldacre (author of Bad Science) and P Sainath (Rural Affairs Editor for The Hindu, India). The CIJ Summer School 2010 is for anyone who needs to upgrade their investigative skills and techniques. Topics covered include: private and public finance protecting sources using the Freedom of Information Act Computer Assisted Reporting techniques advanced internet research including...
Friday 9 July 2010 - Sunday 11 July 2010 City University London Full details
Dirty Secrets: War Profiteering
Pratap Chatterjee, one of the leading investigative journalists looking into corporate corruption in the US, discussed the methodology of identifying key players, finding military contracts, and uncovering corruption, while examining other related contracts for training the Afghan police and Kuwaiti-based companies that have been used to supply food to the US military in Iraq. This talk was...
Monday 17 May 2010 Room A130, College Building, City University London Full details
Perugia Journalism Festival
The festival brings together the opportunity to listen and network with the best of world journalism. Gavin MacFadyen, the CIJ director, will be speaking on a panel to discuss new business models for journalism. For more information visit the Perugia Journalism Festival website. This talk was recorded watch: Non-Profit to the Rescue?
Wednesday 21 April 2010 - Sunday 25 April 2010 Perugia Full details
Rise of the Superinjunction
This is not a CIJ event. It’s one of the world’s oldest democracies, but just how free is the British media? To debate the Frontline Club welcomes Guardian investigations editor David Leigh, Carter Ruck partner Nigel Tait, science writer Simon Singh and David Hooper, a media law specialist and partner at Reynolds Porter Chamberlain. The event is chaired by Clive Coleman, presenter of...
Tuesday 13 April 2010 Frontline Club</